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Disklabs ForensicsDisklabs ForensicsDisklabs ForensicsDisklabs ForensicsDisklabs ForensicsDisklabs Forensics

How The Computer Forensics Team Will Help You...

Disklabs Computer Forensics Defense Experts will examine the prosecution’s evidence and exhibits. The prosecution's report will be scrutinised to check for any discrepancies. Our Computer and Phone Forensics teams will produce reports in clear and concise terms, whilst your case manager will guide the defence teams on possible areas of question within the prosecutions case and attend court to deliver expert opinion. Call The Computer Forensics Team Now on 01827 50000

Disklabs In The Media:

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Disklabs will undertake Cell Site Analysis to assist the Criminal Defence Council verify the accuracy of the prosecutions Cell Site findings and their report or undertake analysis against measurements taken at locations which can determine whether it is likely that calls made via a certain cell site could be made from that location.

About Cell Site Analysis


At Disklabs we use legally tested and proven methods to collect, preserve, analyse and present information found on computer equipment to meet our clients needs. In all cases we will produce a clear and concise report documenting evidence where it is found, enabling it to be used to prove or disprove a case.

About Computer Investigation


Disklabs are able to assist the case preparation of either the prosecution or defence for either criminal or civil proceedings by the evaluation of the Phone/Sim. Our experts are able to forensically acquire saved and deleted data through the use of approved methods of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

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Our experts use their experience and training to advise, present and justify their findings before the courts. They are able to present highly technical matters in a language which can be easily understood by non experts...

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